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We were telling you
about some of our interests...
Ben's Pastimes

Woodworking -
Ben has a woodshop upstairs in the garage. Through the years his projects have included small things as seasonal gifts for family and church staffpeople, as well as larger furniture like bookcases and our entertainment center. Now he has completed major renovations and additions to our house. He is an avid do-it-yourselfer, and there are always a few projects underway!

Photography -

We have a large collection of slides and photographs, taken across our lifetimes in our family, work and travels. Ben frames and mats photos and other art, and has a slide copier, seeking to turn our 10,000 slides into digital photos.
Geocaching -
Ben has a GPS which has led him to over 150 geocaches, often in out of the way places you'd never find or enjoy without this unique system. He has established four geocaches himself, all near home, and sent many travel bugs around the country and the world. If you'd like to know more about geocaching or follow Ben's exploits (his geocaching name is SanRivMan), go to www.geocaching.com.
Politics -
Ben is active locally in the Democratic Party, as a Precinct Delegate and immediate past Chair of the Marquette County Executive Committee. He has often attended the state conventions, and takes strong interest in matters relating to diversity, peace, health care, education, poverty, international relations, and the general best interest of the community. You can find out more at www.mqtdems.org.
Art -
Creating woodblock prints has become Ben's major focus, with his studio in the far end of our "River Room" and continual efforts to market what he has made. To see his woodcuts along with information about how to purchase them and any current gallery shows, visit his website at www.sandriverart.com.