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United Methodist Church

Ben retired in June of 2006 as a Pastor in the Detroit Conference of the United Methodist Church.

He has served five pastorates, all in Michigan:
     Newburg Church in Livonia (Associate, 1970-1973)
     Hardy Church near Howell (1973-1980)
     First Church in Marquette (1980-1988)
     First Church in Brighton (1988-1997)
     Nardin Park Church in Farmington Hills (1997-2006)

During his 36 years of ministry, he served on four Conference boards:
     Outdoor and Retreat Ministries (Chair, 1972-1980)
     Diaconal Ministries (1980-1988)
     Ordained Ministry (1988-1996)
     Global Ministries (Chair, 1996-2004).

Marcia has also dedicated herself to Christ and the church through the ministries of singing in the choirs, United Methodist Women, Education, Missions, and Conference Spouses Association.

In retirement we are now back at Marquette Hope, where Marcia sings in the choir and joins in whatever else she chooses. Ben plays his trumpet in the "Hearts on Fire" band and occasionally lends a hand to other efforts. He does preach as invited by area churches.

Here are links to current information...
United Methodist Church - www.umc.org
  Michigan Area - http://michiganumc.org/
Newburg - http://www.newburgumc.org/
Hardy - www.hardychurch.org
Marquette Hope - https://www.facebook.com/mqthope/
Brighton First - www.brightonfumc.org
Nardin Park - www.nardinpark.org