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Marcia's Pastimes

Homecare - Cooking and Baking, Decorating -

Having our own home after nearly four decades in church parsonages, Marcia delights in all of the tasks of caring for our home in ways she chooses that benefit us. Whether preparing food for our table or someone else's, hosting friends, decorating for the season, or just tidying up the place, she is at her happiest!

Handwork -
There's usually a cross-stitch pattern of some kind in her bag, or some other sewing or craft project in process.

Quilting -
Marcia traded her weaving for focusing more on quilting. A new sewing machine and several projects completed in the last couple of years have given her new motivation.

P. E. O. -

This organization of women working for the education and betterment of women has brought Marcia many friends and companions. She has been president of her chapter and now remains an active member.