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Sand River and Marquette...
Sand River near Marquette has become our home, and we're very happy here! We purchased our home in 1996 and have made significant improvements to it through the years. The photo at the top of these web pages is the view from the back of our house looking south.
How to find us. Our house is right on the Sand River, across the road from Lake Superior, 15 miles from Marquette. We are located on M28, 10 miles east of Harvey and 25 miles west of Munising. This unincorporated village locally called Sand River is simply a cluster of houses and a motel, all near the river. Our driveway goes south, right beside the signs where you enter Marquette County from the east or Alger County from the west. We are 200 yards back through the woods, so you can't see our house from the road, but you'll see a white mailbox with our house number and a sign with our last name. There are five houses on the forest road which is our driveway, and it goes straight toward our garage.
Marquette - The City of Marquette is the Queen City of the Upper Peninsula and offers a lot by way of friendship, culture and human services. We could tell you about many of the imporant events of life here, but it's better to let you find out for yourself...
Marquette Country - www.marquettecountry.org
The Mining Journal - www.miningjournal.net
UP 200 and Midnight Run sled dog races - www.up200.org
Seacoast @ Sand River Motel  - www.seacoastsandriver.com
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